Your voices will change the world

Messages for the Class of 2023

Words can’t explain how proud of you I am dyse congratulations on your triple major degree 📜 you did it! Continue being a great example to your little sisters and Family I love you 👩🏽‍🎓👏🏾🫶🏾


Congratulations Wuendi! We are so proud of you! Your hard work and passion have paid off! We know you will continue to go far and reach all your goals. Con mucho cariño - Your Puente Familia 🎓💙💛

Cañada College Puente Project

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Congratulations to the Class of 2023! And to our wonderful daughter, Gabrielle, all our love and joy. May this celebration be just the beginning of a fantastic journey ahead for you. I know your voice will change and impact this world for the better.

Geri Sue and Robert Cox

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Congratulations to our Sensational Supes, Sydney and Maddy!

Leonardo Camargo

Congratulations Niece we are all very proud of you continue your path to success!!

Ladale Sanders

Congratulations paradyse , you did it I'm so proud of you may God continue to bless you 💪🙏 2023 💕 love you🌹🌹🌞👏👏👏👏👏

Aunty Vanessa

Congratulations Paradyse, I am so proud of your accomplishments, and I am confident that there will be many more to come! The sky is the limit baby! Love Always, Big Sis MuMu

Perrish Oakley Turner

Dearest Arianna, I am do proud of you. Through thick and thin plus COVID-19, you kept going. May all your endeavors come to flourish. Blessings and love to YOU and yours. Wow!!!!!


Congratulations Paradyse ! I'm so proud of you 3-3. Triple Major 2023 UC Santa Cruz Graduate🎓. You are truly a generational curse breaker, trendsetter and natural born leader. With God all things are possible and you surpassed any and all obstacles🙏. We salute you niece and love you dearly. Continue to exceed expectations and change the world.


So proud of you niece!!! You did it baby girl... Go change the world, the future is in your hands. Love you Dyse. ❤️

Deandre Sanders

Congratulations Paradyse Oakley auntie Lexus is so proud of you keep on succeeding in everything you do and setting a example for every generation after you the sky is the limit love auntie lex :)


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dyse I am beyond proud & overjoyed for you & your ability to remain true to who you are through all the adversity & audacity. As bell hooks once said 'I will not have my life narrowed down. I will not bow down to somebody else's whim or to somebody else's whim or to someone's ignorance' & neither have you. Not one, not two, yes three degrees. congrats!

Diego (DJ) Leon De Jesus

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We are so proud of your achievements. Best wish to your next adventure! Fly high!! We love you to the moon and back Mei 🥰


Congratulations Meri K and the rest of the graduating class of 2023! Go out into the world and make a difference. Cheers

UCSC Parent

Happy happy graduation, Paul Miller!! I’m so very proud of you!!

Ally Lattman

MERI KLINGELHOFER CONGRATULATIONS.❤️🎓 Enjoy today and stay present… take in every minute that you can. This is a grand acheivrment so be proud of your hard work and dedication! Your future is bright and we cannot wait to see all the success you create in your life! Wish we were there… Much love, Aunt Susan, Uncle Lawrence and Zayn

Susan Kitkendoll

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We are so proud of your achievements and the person you have become.

Pelayo Family

Congratulations Megan Madden!! You are our first grandchild to earn a college degree and you did it Suma Cum Laude!! We are so very proud of you! 😎👏👏👏. We love you! ❤️😘 With love, Grandma & Grandpa

Terry Madden

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Mina, Your strength, determination and intelligence are inspirational. You are made to live a meaningful life, worthy of love and joy, and respect. As your mom, I cannot find the words to express how much pride I feel to be your mom. Soar towards the sky, and continue to grow into your full capacity. Go for it!! Te quiero mucho mija hermosa!!

Martha Marquez

Proud of you, buddy!

John Lesnick

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Congratulations, Megan! You've worked hard to achieve your goals, and now, you're on your way to becoming a medical doctor. I am so proud of you! I love you! Happy Graduation! ❤️ Mom

Susan Imhoff

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Meri….I am so proud of the tremendous task you took on four years ago and two degrees later look at you. Congratulations on your 2023 college graduation. G.


Congratulations Danny V on your graduation! 🎉🎓 Your hard work and dedication have paid off, and I'm incredibly proud to call you my friend. Wishing you endless success and happiness as you embark on this new chapter of your life. Here's to a bright future filled with amazing achievements!


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So proud of all the graduates of 2023! You have transcended all the obstacles that these last 4years have thrown at you and stayed the course. You all have grit and if you survived this far, you can get through anything!

Shannon Moseley

Dear Class of 2023, Wishing you all the best to keep your thoughts and your actions to steer the world a better place for all.

Amitha, Pradeep Karthikeyan

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Graduation is one of the most important events in life. There’s a bright future waiting for you, and you’ve worked really hard to have all of this world’s success. Congratulations, Sushi ! Love ya ❤️❤️❤️

Binal Zaveri

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Dear Christopher, Congratulations! We are incredibly proud of you and wish you only the best from afar. You pursued your goals with determination and diligence and now you receive the award in the form of your degree. Best regards from Germany, your aunt Sonia, your uncle Hakan and your cousins Sara Aylin and Deniz.

Family Tosman

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I’m grateful for all those people I’ve met since I’ve became a banana slug. I’ve created my own little family circle and those people know who they are. They’ve fed me, cared for my well being, and supported me unconditionally. If you’ve done none of those things- you’re in a different shape. Focus on the small little joys in life and you’ll be alright💙

Linda Nguyen

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Dear Dr. Dee, Ph.D., It has been incredible to watch your artistic practice and scholarship blossom into this monumental achievement. I am so glad to have been on this journey with you, and to arrive at the same time. Can't wait to see where we wind up next. Congratulations, Mahal! ILY -aPh(i)D

Abram Stern

I’m so proud of you Adalia Bishopp

Rosie bishopp

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Congrats Siôn! Your Uncle Tom and family are super proud of you being a banana slug! All the best! Uncle Tom, Aunt Liz, Ashlyn & Carson

Thomas Day

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Congratulations dear nephew! We are so proud; you’ve grown into an amazing young man. Thanks for the joyful memories; you make life so much better for us all! We wish for you to make all your hopes and dreams come true. You are always the most authentic. Looking forward to wonderful times ahead! Lots of Love, Aunt G & Uncle G

Gigi Young

Go Tristan! You rock! You are awesome!

Summer Price

Congratulations bro! Proud of you

Jayson Fabre

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We are so proud of the work you've done to get here! Wishing you all of the best adventures life has to offer as you set out on a new path.

Erin and Narumi Inatsugu

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So many memories watching you grow from birth until now. My heart bursts with joy on this special day witnessing the fine young man you have become. We are so proud of you & can't wait to make more memories with you in the future. Congratulations !!! Sending you giant hugs for your graduation. Lots of LOVE Auntie Raegen Uncle Alain & your bestie Jayson

Raegen Salais

Caty, Congratulations on your great achievement of two BA degrees!! We are so very proud of you!! With lots of Love, mom & papa


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Jack, it is such a pleasure to see that you have reached this point, and I'm very excited to see what happens next! You have been a wonderful part of my life, and I thank you, and I look forward to being with you in the future. And I am always here for you.

Jason Mundstuk

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Congratulations to you, son, you did it! I hope you always carry a great sense of pride with this accomplishment. Be ready for your beautiful future because I know you will attract the best in your journey. 💫Love, Mom

Jina Jue

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congrats poopy butt